10 Exercises to Do at Your Desk at your Office 

Hand and Finger Stretche

The simplest desk exercises are hand and finger stretches. Long-term typing causes repetitive strain injuries and tendinitis.  

Neck Rotation

Sitting all day strains neck and shoulders. Neck stretches can relieve pain, and proper desk ergonomics can alleviate muscular strain.  

Abdominal Stretche

Weight usually accumulates around the stomach initially. There are several abdominal stretches, but this one works your obliques. 

Hip Flexion

Extra pounds go beyond your waistline. They descend farther to the hips. Another office chair workout that combats inactivity is hip flexions. 

Leg Extension

Leg extensions are your next desk exercise while seated. An exercise equipment with excessive weights can damage your knees, but doing leg extensions at your desk is safer.  

Toe Raise

Toe lifts are an excellent shin exercise at work. Do this exercise sitting or standing, but grab onto something strong for balance.  

Calf Raise

Calf raises are similar to toe raises but use a different part of the foot for an effective exercise at your desk. 

Chair Squat

Squatting in front of a chair is a desk exercise that works multiple muscles. 

Shadow Boxing

Some office workouts are more fun. For stress reduction, channel your inner boxer and punch the air. Full water bottles add punch resistance. 

Elevated Push-up

Traditional push-ups aren’t as easy to do in an office or cubicle, but changing your position creates an alternate desk exercise. 

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