10 Free-Weight Exercises for Advanced Routines 

Things to consider 

Machines and cables and dumbbells, oh my! The gym floor is chock-full of equipment to choose from, but where should you start? 

How to maximize your training   

Before you start a new workout regimen, think about how to maximize your time and effort. 

Set a goal

Are you looking to build strength, gain size, or increase your endurance? Decide what your goal is and create your regimen accordingly. 

Set a schedule

Whatever your goal, aim to work out 4 or 5 days per week. 

Order is important

In general, you’ll want to perform harder, full-body exercises, like squats, before more targeted, smaller movements, like bicep curls. 

Your goal determines your weight

Choose heavy, challenging weights — whatever that means for you — if your goal is to gain strength and size. 

Proper form is a must

Without perfect form, you may miss the advantages of a workout or injure yourself. 

Beginner routine 

If you’re new to lifting weights, don’t fret. This beginner-friendly free-weight routine is a great place to start. 

Weighted glute bridge

Glute bridges are a key exercise to strengthen the posterior chain, or the back of your body. 


A lunge is a unilateral lower body exercise, meaning it works one leg at a time. 

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