10 Ways to Increase Your Appetite 

Eat small meals more frequently 

Eating three full meals might seem like a challenging task when you don’t have a healthy appetite. 

Eat nutrient-rich foods 

Low-appetite people acquire weight by eating candy, chips, ice cream, and baked goods.

Add more calories to your meals 

Another way to ensure you’re eating enough during the day is to add more calories to your meals. 

Make mealtime an enjoyable social activity 

Cooking and eating a meal with others may help stimulate your appetite more than eating alone. 

Schedule meal times 

Hunger frequently prompts eating. However, if you are not hungry, your appetite may not remind you to eat. 

Don’t skip breakfast 

Consuming breakfast on a daily basis is important when you want to increase your appetite and gain weight. 

Eat less fiber 

High fiber diets have been proven to promote feelings of fullness and decrease calorie intake for those looking to lose weight. 

Drink your calories 

Drinking calories may be more motivating than chewing food when you're not hungry. 

Incorporate healthy snacks 

Large dinners can be scary, but tiny, easy-to-eat snacks can help you eat more. 

Eat more of your favorite foods 

The logic for this rule is pretty simple — choose foods you like. 

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