1980 Quarter Value Guide: See Which 1980 U.S. Quarters Are Worth More Than Face Value!

If you held both coins, would you identify a rare and valuable 1980 quarter from one at simply face value?   

In the broadest sense, 1980 quarters are not unusual because there are still plenty of them available for collectors who desire them.  

Are 1980 quarters rare?

Professional Coin Grading Service graded the most expensive 1980-P quarter MS67+ and sold it for $900 in 2019.  

1980-P Quarter Value

Professional Coin Grading Service graded the most valuable 1980-D quarter MS67, selling for $1,380 in 2007.  

1980-D Quarter Value

Most 1980-S proof quarters are $2–5. The best 1980-S quarter sold for $253 in 2004  

1980-S Quarter Value

While “perfect” 1980 quarters are worth a lot, some less-than-perfect ones sell for less!  

Rare 1980 Quarter Errors To Look For

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