1988 Quarter Values: See Which 1988 Quarters Are Worth More Than Face Value!

This article includes all 1988 quarter values and shows you what to search for to find the most valuable ones.  

US Mint struck 1.1 billion quarters in 1988. You know 1.1 billion is big. True for 1988's quarter.  

Are 1988 quarters rare?

Common coins without precious metal are worth 25 cents.1988-P uncirculated quarters are $1–2.  

1988-P Quarter Value

All 1988 Quarter Value

All 1988-D quarters are common coins made of base metals. Uncirculated coins, which are rarer than worn ones, are worth $1–2.  

1988-D Quarter Value

Individual 1988-S quarters cost $2–5. A $403 1988-S quarter graded Proof-70 Deep Cameo by Professional Coin Grading Service was high-value.  

1988-S Quarter Value

To evaluate the value of your 1988 quarter, first determine its condition.  

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