1992 Quarter Value Guide: Some 1992 Quarters Are Worth More Than Face Value (Up To $1,700!)

Most importantly, you'll learn why some 1992 quarters are worth more and which to keep and which to spend.  

After Professional Coin Grading Service graded it Mint State-67, the most valued 1992-P quarter sold for $763.75 in 2017.  

1992-P Quarter Value

How Much Is A 1992 Quarter Worth?

The most valued 1992-D quarter sold for $1,763 in 2013 after Professional Coin Grading Service assessed it Mint State-67.  

1992-D Quarter Value

The San Francisco Mint produced 2,858,981 clad quarters and 1,317,579 silver proof coins in 1992-S.  

1992-S Proof Quarter Value

Quarters from 1992 that have uncommon peculiarities, like mistakes and variants, can fetch the highest prices.  

A List Of Rare 1992 Error Quarters To Look For

However, pristine uncirculated, proof 1992-S (clad and silver), and mistake 1992 quarters are rarer. Soon, we'll discuss these.  

Are 1992 quarters rare?

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