2022 Quarter Value: See How Much American Women Quarters Are Worth (With The New Washington Design On Front)

The reverse of these 2022 quarters honours famous American women, while the front features a new George Washington design.  

Poet and activist Maya Angelou NASA astronaut Sally Ride Native American activist Wilma Mankiller Suffrage leader Nina Otero-Warren Chinese American film star Anna May Wong

List Of 2022 American Women Quarter Design

This design debuted on quarters in 2022, but it's actually not new.  

What About The New George Washington Design On 2022 Quarters?

Pocket change and bank rolls contain 2022 American Women Quarters.  

Where Can You Find American Women Quarters?

The American Women Quarters replaced a 2021 quarter commemorating General George Washington's Revolutionary War Delaware River crossing.  

Why Are American Women Quarters Being Struck In The First Place?

A worn 2022 quarter in your pocket is worth 25 cents. Bright, mint-fresh 2022 bank quarters are worth 50 cents and more.  

Which 2022 U.S. Quarters Are Most Valuable?

This is a historic coin series that features a diverse range of persons on circulating US coins for the first time.  

Are American Women Quarters Worth Collecting?

2023 Quarter Value: See Which 2023 Quarters Are Worth The Most Money (American Women Quarters) 

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