5 Easy Exercises for Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis exercises like leg lifts and kick-backs improve knee muscles and keep people active. Swimming and elliptical training work too.

1. Standing leg lift

Leg lifts can be an important way to improve stability, balance, and strength, reducing the impact on the knees. 

2. Sit and stand 

Enhancing knee range of motion and total leg strength is largely dependent on this repetitive activity. It will get easier to stand up pain-free over time.  

3. Kick-back 

This is a terrific way to strengthen your leg muscles and loosen up your knees.  

4. The clam

Due to weak glutes, knee joints absorb too much shock, causing discomfort. Buttock strength reduces knee impact.  

5. Quadriceps stretch 

The workout is done lying down. If laying exercises are too unpleasant, seated buttock clenches or backward leg raises can work glutes. 


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