5 Shocking Risks about Sleeping with Socks On 

What socks to wear 

Merino wool or cashmere socks are ideal. Though more expensive than cotton or synthetic socks, they are worth it.  

What about compression sock

Compression socks should not be worn at night unless prescribed. They increase blood flow and promote circulation, but they shouldn't be worn to bed.  

How to make your own rice socks 

If a hot bath or foot bath is unavailable or you want a longer-lasting bed heat source, try rice socks. You'll need strong socks, rice, and rubber bands

Other ways to keep your feet warm 

Warm foot baths relieved sleeplessness and weariness in chemotherapy patients. A hot bath or foot bath before bed raises body temperature and helps you fall asleep.  

Can children and infants sleep with socks on 

Infants and children should avoid electric blankets and heat socks. A warm bath and pre-warmed socks before bedtime are the safest ways to promote sleep. 

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