6 Side Effects of Too Much Cinnamon

Popular spice: cinnamon. Coumarin content can induce adverse effects if ingested in excess. It may harm the liver or produce an allergic reaction. 

1. May cause liver damage

Cassia (regular) cinnamon is high in coumarin. Consuming too much coumarin may damage the liver, according to study.  

2. May cause mouth sore

Cinnamon-flavored foods can cause mouth sores. This is cinnamon stomatitis. Cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde, which can cause allergies in excessive levels.  

3. May cause low blood sugar

Having chronic high blood sugar is a health problem. If left untreated, it may contribute to diabetes, heart disease, and many other health problems.

4. May cause breathing problem

Eating too much ground cinnamon in one sitting might cause breathing issues, especially in children. since the “cinnamon challenge” went viral, people have tried to eat a lot of dry cinnamon.

5. May interact with certain medication

When using medication for diabetes, heart disease, or liver disease, too much may be harmful. Because cinnamon may interact with those medications, it may increase their effects or adverse effects.

How much cinnamon a day is OK to eat?

Small amounts of cinnamon are safe as a spice. Cassia cinnamon, high in coumarin, is most affected. However, Ceylon cinnamon has trace coumarin.  


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