6 Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin B6 Deficiency

Vitamin B6 shortage can cause skin rashes, mood swings, and fatigue. Regularly take vitamin B6-rich foods like chicken breast, banana, and avocado to avoid deficiency. 

1. Skin Rashes 

B6 deficiency causes seborrhoeic dermatitis, a red, itchy rash. This rash might affect your scalp, face, neck, and upper chest. Its oily, flaky appearance can cause swelling or white spots.  

2. Cracked and Sore Lip

These are the number one food for longevity. Lentils are great for controlling blood pressure and sugar.

3. Sore, Glossy Tongue

A B6 deficiency can cause swelling, soreness, smoothness, inflammation, or redness of the tongue. Glossitis is the term for this.

4. Mood Change

Deficits in B6 can have an impact on your mood, occasionally exacerbating feelings of melancholy, anxiety, impatience, and pain.   

5. Weakened Immune Function

Maintaining a healthy immune system is essential for avoiding infections, inflammation, and several types of cancer. Deficiencies in certain nutrients, such as B6, can cause immune system disruption.

6. Tiredness and Low Energy

Vitamin B6's contribution to the production of haemoglobin is a major factor. That is the protein found in red blood cells that aids in the body's oxygen transport. 


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