6 Signs that you are Nervous

Sometimes everyone's worried. You may dread public speaking. You may be uneasy in large groups or with strangers. You must first discover your triggers and signs of unease to overcome these nerves.

1. Increased Heart Rate 

An higher heart rate is often the result of the body going into fight-or-flight mode when one is nervous. Your heart may start to race or you may have palpitations.  

2. Sweating 

Sweating can be a sign of nervousness, particularly in the underarms, forehead, and palms. The body's attempt to control body temperature in reaction to stress is the cause of this.  

3. Shaking or Trembling 

Trembling or shaking can be brought on by tense muscles and adrenaline release, especially in the hands or legs. This is how the body's stress response manifests physically.  

4. Difficulty Concentrating 

When nervous, it's common to have difficulty focusing or maintaining attention on tasks. Racing thoughts or mental distractions may occur, making it challenging to  

5. Fidgeting 

Many people turn to "diet" items like meal replacement bars, diet soda, low-fat sauces, and weight-loss drinks while attempting to reduce their weight. 

6. Change in Speech Patterns 

Nervousness can cause stuttering, stumbling, or rapid speech. Some people have trouble speaking due to dry mouth.  


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