6 Tips to Use a Standing Desk Correctly 

Alternate Between Sitting and Standing 

There’s no doubt that sitting too much is very bad for your health. However, that certainly does not mean you should stand all day instead. 

Adjust Your Desk and Screen 

Correct desk height and computer screen position are fundamental for improving comfort and minimizing injury risk in the office .

Purchase an Anti-Fatigue Mat 

Anti-fatigue mats are commonly used in jobs that require extended periods of standing, such as working on a product line or at a counter. 

Change Your Keyboard and Mouse Position 

Working long hours on the computer can strain your wrists. Therefore, it’s important to optimize wrist position when sitting or standing. 

Use Arm Supports 

An arm support is soft padding or surface area that attaches to your desk. It is designed to reduce pressure on the wrist that operates the mouse. 

Remember to Take Breaks 

Even though standing at your desk is better than sitting, you should still take regular breaks to move and stretch, clear your head and rest your eyes. 

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