6 Warmup Exercises to Get Warmed Up Before a Workout 

What are the benefits of warming up before a workout 

Warmup exercises can help get your body ready for more strenuous activity and make it easier to exercise. 

What is a dynamic warmup 

You may have heard of a dynamic warmup and static stretching and wondered how they’re different and when to do them. 

What is static stretching 

The best time to stretch is right before or after a workout. It comprises of holding stretches for a while to assist your muscles and connective tissue lengthen and loosen. 

Warmup exercises 

You can do a sport-specific warmup, or you can attempt the following warmup exercises that incorporate a broad variety of movements.  


Squats are a versatile exercise that target many of the muscles in your lower body, including your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. 


Planks are an excellent warmup for building core and back strength, as well as improving balance and posture. 

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