8 Secrets to Never Getting Sick from Cold & Flu 

Eat green vegetables 

Green, leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins that help you maintain a balanced diet — and support a healthy immune system. 

Get Vitamin D 

Many Americans lack vitamin D, according to reports. Vitamin D deficiency can cause poor bone growth, cardiovascular issues, and a weak immune system.

Keep moving 

taying active by following a regular exercise routine — such as walking three times a week — does more than keep you fit and trim.  

Get enough sleep 

Getting adequate sleep is extremely important if you’ve been exposed to a virus, according to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. 

Skip the alcohol 

New research shows that drinking alcohol can damage the body’s dendritic cells, a vital component of the immune system.  

Calm down 

For years, doctors suspected there was a connection between chronic mental stress and physical illness. 

Drink green tea 

Health benefits of green tea have been known for years. Flavonoids, antioxidants, may make green tea healthy.

Add color to meals 

Do you struggle to remember to eat fruits and veggies at every meal? Cooking with all colors of the rainbow will help you get a wide range of vitamins such as vitamin C.

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