8 Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Yoga positions and other exercises, such as the knee-to-chest stretch and the Cat-Cow, can help ease lower back pain.  

1. Knee-to-chest stretch 

Lay on your back with knees bent and feet flat. Grab your right lower leg with both hands and interlace your fingers or clasp your wrists under the knee. 

2. Trunk rotation

Lower back strain can be relieved by trunk rotation. Core muscles including abdominals, back, and pelvic muscles are also worked.

3. Cat-Cow

Yoga's Cat-Cow pose can help you become more flexible and release tension in your core and lower back muscles.  

4. Seated hamstring stretch

Lower back pain and injuries may be caused by tight hamstrings. This stretch relieves spinal stiffness by stretching the hamstrings. To relieve lumbar pain, try this towel stretch.

5. Pelvic tilt

Lay back with bowed knees and flat feet. You can hold your arms by your sides or towards your head like a situp. Natural spine curvature lifts lower back slightly off floor. 

6. Flexion rotation

1. Slowly rotate your upper body backward by touching your left shoulder blade to the floor. You should feel a mild stretch in your lower back.

7. Supported bridge

To perform the supported bridge, utilise a firm cushion or foam roller. This posture uses supported elevation to assist relax your lower back.

8. Belly flop

The belly flop uses supported elevation to decompress your lower back, just like the supported bridge. Use a blanket or rolled towel this time.


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