8 Tips to Rid of Bags Under Eyes

Have dark circles or puffiness? Aging makes it harder to look like you slept eight hours because under-eye skin is sensitive. Meaning? Display your shiny eyes instead of hiding puffy ones.  

1. Hydrate 

Hydration is crucial for skin health, especially the sensitive eye area.  Dehydrated skin retains water, making the skin under the eyes dull and sagging, causing dark circles and eye bags. 

2. Catch Up On Those ZZZ’

Sleeping soundly is one of our tried-and-true eye swelling remedies. Prioritize bedtime over other tasks. TVs, laptops, and phones inhibits melatonin, the hormone that causes sleep.  

3.Pass (up on) the Salt!

Water retention, sometimes known as the dreaded bloat, is often caused by salt and salty foods, which can exacerbate eye swelling.

4. De-Puff with Cold Compresses

Want quick eye bag removal? Try a cold compress. They reduce dark circles by decreasing blood vessels and blood flow to reduce inflammation.

5. Use Quality Eye Creams and Serum

Many skincare treatments contain great components for under-eye care. Preventing under-eye bags requires proper skincare. 

6. Try Facial Exercise

Yoga—good for body and face? Facial yoga strengthens face and eye muscles. Imagine a downward dog for drooping eyes.

7. Defend Against Allergies

Feeling scratchy? As seasons change, allergies rise. The result? Congestion, inflammation, itching, and fluid buildup can cause puffiness.

8. Try Some Helpful Home Eye Bag Remedies

It's not necessary to go broke taking care of your eyes. These are our top two go-to natural remedies for under-eye bags.


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