How Much Are Liberty Cap Large Cents (1793-1796) Worth Today?

From 1793 to 1796, Liberty Cap big cents were produced. These were among the earliest US Mint pennies.  

Critics of the Flowing Hair big cent design said Miss Liberty has a worried face and messy hair, prompting changes.  

The History Of Liberty Capped Large Cent

Even a very weathered, moderately corroded Liberty Cap penny is worth $50–100.   

How Much Are Liberty Cap Large Cents Worth?

Liberty Cap huge cent values follow.  Liberty Cap big cents with cleaning or damage are worth less.  

Liberty Cap Large Cent Value

– 1793 Liberty Cap large cent — $7,500+

Beaded Border 

– 1794 Head of 1793 — $3,750+ – 1794 Head of 1794 — $300+ – 1794 Head of 1795 — $450+ – 1794 Starred Reverse — $25,000+

Denticled Border 

The uncommon 1795 Reeded Edge large cent had 10 known specimens. The 2009 Professional Coin Grading Service Very Good-10 sold for $1,265,000!  

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