How Much Are The 2023 Extra V Penny Error Coins Worth? (2023 VDBV Penny Value)

Lots of people talk about these coins. They want to know how to find and value uncommon 2023 pennies.

That is until early 2023, when rumours about the 2023 pennies with the extra V began.

The Controversy Over 2023 VDBV Pennie

This coin may someday be called Close V or Near V, however the hobby has not yet adopted such language.

Confirming The 2023 Extra V Penny Error Is Real

It could have been a technological problem in the computer-aided design process for hubs and dies today.

Why Is There An Extra V On Some 2023 Pennies?

Magnify your 2023 cent and inspect Lincoln's shoulder. VDB should be written in tiny letters.

Where Is The Extra V On The 2023 Penny Error?

TThis is what makes coin roll seeking so thrilling and often profitable: the excitement of the hunt.

Finding 2023 Extra V Error Pennies In Circulation

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