Why People in "Blue Zones" Live Longer Than the Rest of the World 

What are Blue Zones 

“Blue Zone” is a non-scientific term given to geographic regions that are home to some of the world’s oldest people. 

People who live in Blue Zones eat a diet full of whole plant foods 

One thing common to Blue Zones is that those who live there primarily eat a 95% plant-based diet. 

They follow the 80% rule 

Other habits common to the Blue Zones are a reduced calorie intake and fasting. 

They consume alcohol in moderation Neck curlup 

Another dietary factor common to many of the Blue Zones is moderate alcohol consumption. 

Exercise is built into daily life 

Aside from diet, exercise is another extremely important factor in aging.

They get enough sleep 

In addition to exercise, getting adequate rest and a good night’s sleep also seem to be very important for living a long and healthy life. 

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