See Why Some 2011 Nickels Are Worth More Than $6,000 Apiece

I had to carefully examine the nickel to detect one of the thousands of 2011 nickels in my change.  

Jefferson nickels don't traditionally have large rarities like the 1909-S VDB Lincoln penny or 1916-D Mercury dime.  

What Makes Some 2011 Jefferson Nickels So Valuable?

The Philadelphia and Denver Mints struck these, and their obverses have a “P” or “D” mintmark below the date.  

2011 Full-Steps Nickel Value

A Full Step Jefferson nickel must have 5 or 6 complete steps without wear, abrasions, strike softness, or other flaws.

How To Tell If You Have A Full-Steps Nickel

2011-P uncirculated nickel—20–30 cents 2011-D uncirculated nickel—20–30 cents  

How Much Is A 2011 Nickel Worth Today?

I should discuss the value of some 2011 mistake nickels since I'm talking about Jefferson nickels.  

A List Of 2011 Nickel Errors To Look For

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