Simples Guide to IVF Success & Diet 

IVF cycles 

Going through an IVF cycle means going through several stages. It’s common to need more than one IVF cycle before things stick. 


IVF preparation begins 2–4 weeks before the cycle. It involves simple lifestyle changes to be healthy. 

Lifestyle tips for IVF 

Below, we cover the lifestyle changes that’ll give your body the best support during your IVC cycle, pregnancy and for your general health. 

What to eat during IVF

Maintain a nutritious diet during IVF. Stay away from substantial changes like turning gluten-free if you weren't already. 

How to work out during IVF

Many IVF patients avoid exercise out of concern that it may harm their pregnancy.  

Which products to toss and chemicals to avoid

Consider tossing or avoiding some household items made with endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). 

Supplements to take during IVF 

There are a few natural supplements you can take to help support a new pregnancy. 

How many hours of sleep to get during IVF 

Sleep and fertility are closely connected. Getting the right amount of sleep can support your IVF cycle. 

Do’s and don’ts of IVF sex 

One of the paradoxes of infertility is that the sex that should make babies is complicated! 

Can you drink alcohol during IVF 

You may need a drink after IVF's emotional toll. If so, Dr. Eyvazzadeh has good news. She says moderate drinking is possible. 

What to do for IVF symptoms 

As unpredictable as an IVF cycle can be, one thing’s a certainty: myriad physical symptoms. 

Self-care during IVF 

Preparing for and getting through IVF will likely be one of the most challenging experiences of your life. 

Expectations for a male partner during IVF 

Your partner is crucial to the IVF cycle, even though he may not do the most. The most significant sperm sample of his life will be given soon. 

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