The 9 Best Treatments for Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome treatments vary by cause but may include iron supplements, medicines, and healthy sleep practices.

1. Ruling out potential cause

First, determine the cause of RLS. RLS can be caused by heredity or pregnancy, but other variables can be controlled. 

2. Healthy sleep habit

Everyone should have healthy sleep habits, but RLS sufferers may benefit most.

3. Iron and vitamin supplement

One of the main reasons people get RLS is thought to be not getting enough iron. A number of studies have shown that iron tablets can help people with RLS feel better.   

4. Exercise

A report from the National Institutes of Health says that light exercise might help ease mild RLS symptoms.  

5. Yoga and stretching

It has been shown that yoga and stretching can help people with RLS, just like other types of exercise.  

6. Massage

Massaging leg muscles may help RLS. Health organisations including the National Institutes of Health recommend it for at-home treatment.  

7. Prescription medication

Medical treatment is essential for mild to severe RLS. Dopaminergic medicines are usually prescribed first. They relieve RLS symptoms but can produce adverse effects and other issues.  

8. Foot wrap (restiffic)

The restiffic foot wrap presses on certain foot points. Your brain tells RLS-affected muscles to relax when pressure is applied. This alleviates RLS.

9. Pneumatic compression

Ever stay in the hospital overnight? You may have endured pneumatic compression. This treatment gently squeezes and releases your leg with a "sleeve" that inflates and deflates. 


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