What Is A White Penny Worth? (1856 Through 1864 Flying Eagle & Early Indian Head Pennies)

Penny collectors, especially those who collect Indian Head pennies or Flying Eagle cents, will commonly encounter this word.  

Because five-cent coins with nickels weren't minted until 1866, white cents were often called "nickels" in the early 1860s.  

Why Do They Look Like White Pennies?

1856 Flying Eagle cent — $7,500 1857 Flying Eagle cent — $30 1859 Indian Head cent — $15 1860 Indian Head cent — $10 1861 Indian Head cent — $22 1862 Indian Head cent — $10 1863 Indian Head cent — $10

Which U.S. Pennies Are White Cents?

Starting in 1864, the US Mint made 95% copper, 5% tin, and zinc pennies. Thinner coins and metal change make these pennies 3.11 grammes.  

The Move To Copper Pennies In The U.S.

Although not white, pennies minted since 1982 are lighter in colour.  

Why Are Modern U.S. Pennies Also Light In Color?

These newer, lighter (2.5 grammes) pennies contain a fraction of the copper of previous pennies and don't resemble them in colour or weight.

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