Why Is One 2000 Nickel Worth More Than $20,000?

If you look in your spare change and coin rolls, you may uncover some amazing 2023 dime errors!

Some are valued as much as $20,000, and as you will soon see, some trade for significantly more than their face value!

Are Nickels From The Year 2000 Worth Looking For?

Felix Schlag designed the Jefferson nickel in 1938, and the 2000-dated currency looks almost identical.

All 2000 Nickel Values Today

The Philadelphia Mint, which produced 846,240,000 nickels in 2000, stamped the 2000-P nickel.

2000-P Nickel Value

Professional Coin Grading Service assessed the most valuable 2000-D coin Mint State-67 Full Steps and sold it for $1,898 in 2004.

2000-D Nickel Value

A 2006 auction offered the most valuable 2000-S cent, a Professional Coin Grading Service Proof-70 Deep Cameo for $374.

2000-S Nickel Value

Are Any 2023 Dimes Worth More Than Face Value? 

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