Zodiac signs which are animal lovers

Many people enjoy animals, and some zodiac signs are naturally drawn to them. Our top six animal lover zodiac signs are noted for their deep bond with animals.  

Animals' sympathy pleases Cancerians. They help people and animals. Cancers appreciate adopting, rescuing, and loving animals.   

1.  Cancer

Leos are generous and kind. Their desire to protect and provide drives their affection for animals. Leos love animals and feel responsible for them.  

2.  Leo

Realistic and caring, Virgos are good pet owners. Detail and cleanliness are their hallmarks. Virgos enjoy creating a safe and supportive atmosphere for their pets.   

3.  Virgo

Libras adore animals because they want balance and harmony. They find comfort in animals' beauty and grace. Libras like elegant, peaceful animals like birds and cats.  

4.  Libra

Sagittarians adore animals and are adventurous. They love animals and nature-based activities.  

5.  Sagittariu

Loving and empathetic Pisces love animals. They are sensitive to animal needs and form deep ties with them. Pisces love animals and may rescue or foster them.   

6.  Pisces

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