10 Ways to Treat Your Fascia  - Lose Pain and Cellulite 

Stretch for 10 minutes a day

Grayson Wickham, physical therapist, DPT, CSCS, says elongating your muscles releases fascia tension.

Try a mobility program

In its simplest form, mobility is the capacity to move well. Wickham defines it as movement without limitations like agility, flexibility, or strength.

Roll out your tight spot

You've probably heard of foam rolling's benefits. Foam rolling helps you identify fascia tension points.

Visit the sauna, especially after the gym

Saunas have always been popular, but new research on their health advantages has made them more accessible and popular.

Apply cold therapy

Similar to the sauna, many athletes benefit from cold therapy or cryotherapy after working out. 

Get your cardio on

The benefits of aerobic exercise are hard to overstate. 

Try yoga

Yoga has many health benefits beyond fascia, like cardio. It boosts strength, flexibility, and balance.

Keep you and your fascia hydrated

“A go-to hydration tip is to drink at least half your bodyweight in ounces of water,” says Wickham. 

Get professional help

If you're stiff and uncomfortable or have a stubborn muscle injury, see a doctor. Because fascia is interconnected, one area may influence others.

What are symptoms of tight fascia 

Fascia work isn't monthly. Wickham explains, “Fascia makes everything continuous, so you also have to treat the body as a whole.”

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