1987 Quarter Value: Find Out How Much Your 1987 Quarters Are Worth Today

This post will teach you how to identify valuable 1987 quarters from those you can safely spend.  

Over 1.2 billion 1987 quarters were struck. Thus, 1987 quarters are frequent coins.  

Are 1987 quarters rare?

When worn, these common coins are worth 25 cents. In uncirculated grades, they cost $1–2.  

1987-P Quarter Value

How Much Is A 1987 Quarter Worth Today?

Circulated 1987-D quarters are worth 25 cents. Uncirculated 1987-D quarters cost $1–2.  

1987-D Quarter Value

A typical 1987-S quarter costs $2–5. The best 1987-S quarter was Proof-70 Deep Cameo and sold for $236 in 2003.  

1987-S Quarter Value

You must first ascertain the grade (or condition) of your 1987 quarter in order to calculate its actual value.  

IMPORTANT: What Is The Grade Of Your 1987 Quarter?

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