Are 1968 Coins Worth Money? Yes… Up To $48,000 For Some Coins From 1968!

Some antique coins are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on their condition and faults or variants.  

The Mint started mintmarking its coins after three years without them.  

Are 1988 Fun Facts About Coins From 1968rare?

Mint State-66+ Red 1968-S pennies sold for $5,000 in 2021.A 2002 $3,795 Proof-69 Deep Cameo was the most valued 1968-S proof.  

1968 Penny Value

Most Valuable Coins From The Year 1968

Mint State-66 earned $1,140 in 2022, the most 1968-D cent.Mint State-66 Full Steps was 2004's most expensive 1968-S cent at $4,140.  

1968 Nickel Value

A 2022 auction sold the most valued 1968 dime without a mintmark for $1,250 as Mint State-67 Full Bands.

1968 Dime Value

Most valuable 1968 quarter without mintmark graded Mint State-68 sold for $9,400 in 2013.  

1968 Quarter Value

The most valuable 1968-S proof half dollar was Proof-70 Deep Cameo, selling for $21,600 in 2017.

1968 Half Dollar Value

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