5 Acupressure Points for Inducing Labor 

Spleen 6 point 

The spleen 6 point (SP6) is considered one of the more versatile and commonly used points. It’s used for many conditions, including labor induction. 

Bladder 60 point 

A few inches below SP6 is bladder 60 (BL60). This point is known as the Kunlun, named after the mountain range in Asia. 

Pericardium 8 point 

Known as Laogong, or labor palace, the pericardium 8 (PC8) point is said to be very useful in inducing labor. 

Large intestine 4 point 

The most common point in acupressure therapy, the large intestine 4 point (LI4) is known as Hegu, meaning “joining valley.” 

Bladder 32 point 

Run your fingers down your spine until you reach right above your intergluteal cleft to find Bladder 32 (BL32), also known as the Ciliao (second crevice), in the dimple of your buttocks. 

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