5 Ideas about How to Make Them at Home Natural Deodorants 

Why switch to natural deodorant 

Doing burpees, riding a crowded train, or giving a presentation might leave your underarms damp or soaked. 

Why do our pits smell and how does deodorant work 

BO science sounds repulsive. Like that chemistry class petri dish, your underarms are a warm habitat for bacteria. 

What makes a deodorant natural 

After ditching your stick for a better pit microbiota, you may be asking what makes a product natural. 

DIY deodorant 

You can buy natural deodorant at most natural food stores, online, or anywhere you might purchase other natural skin care products. 

Your diet also influences your natural BO 

Wondering why your BO seems so strong? It could have something to do with your typical diet. 

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