5 Ways to Avoid Hydrogenated Oil

Adding hydrogen solidifies liquid unsaturated fat. Fully hydrogenated oils are allowed in produced foods since they are largely saturated fat and less harmful than trans fat.  

1. Know the common culprit

The most typical sources of hydrogenated oils are highly processed meals that also include saturated fat, like:.

2. Read food labels carefully

It's crucial to examine the ingredients list and the food label in order to identify hydrogenated oils. Look for the term "hydrogenated," such as "soybean oil that has been hydrogenated."

3. Use vegetable oils for cooking

Margarine and shortening are easy to cook with but include hydrogenated oils. Instead, use heart-healthy safflower, olive, or avocado oils.

4. Limit packaged food

Hydrogenated fat is widely used in packaged foods because partially hydrogenated oils preserve food. Cut back on packaged foods. Remove one food group at a time. 

5. Make over your snack

Snacks can balance a diet. They can keep you full until the next meal and prevent blood sugar dips. A difficulty is that many quick snacks include hydrogenated oil.


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