All 1984 Nickel Values (Plus Info About The Rare 1984 Nickel Worth $3,700!)

Several are worth hundreds of dollars. At least one sold for almost $3,700 due to its condition.

In general, the 1984 Jefferson nickel isn't unusual. Over 1.2 billion were struck.  

1984 Nickel Fact 

It depends on whether the 1984 nickel is near-perfect or one of its many flaws and variants.

Are 1984 nickels rare?

Whatever 1984 nickel you find in your spare change is likely worn and damaged.   

All 1984 Nickel Value

– Uncirculated 1984-P Nickel Value: 30 to 50 cent – Most Valuable 1984-P Nickel: $276 (Mint State-66 Full Steps)

1984-P Nickel Value

– Uncirculated 1984-D Nickel Value: 30 to 50 cent – Most Valuable 1984-D Nickel: $1,440 (Mint State-67 Full Steps)

1984-D Nickel Value

– Proof 1984-S Nickel Value: $2 to $5 – Most Valuable 1984-S Nickel: $3,738 (Proof-70 Deep Cameo)

1984-S Nickel Value

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