What Is A 1921 Silver Dollar Worth? See The Current 1921 Silver Dollar Value (Morgan Dollars & Peace Dollars)

We get many questions about the value of 1921 silver dollars because many individuals have them.  

There are two types of 1921 silver dollars (not considering mintmark combinations, mistakes, die variants, or minor design alterations).  

Do You Have A 1921 Morgan Dollar Or A 1921 Peace Dollar?

– Morgan dollar coins – Peace dollar coins

The United States Mint made silver dollars in two distinct designs in 1921 

The majority of Morgan dollars are common. The series' most frequent Morgan silver dollar is the 1921!  

What A Morgan Dollar Coin Looks Like

Peace silver dollar coins have an obverse (“heads”) design of a young Miss Liberty looking like the Statue of Liberty in New York.  

What A Peace Dollar Coin Looks Like

Denver 1921-D Morgan silver dollar: 20,345,000 minted, $20–$30+ San Francisco 1921-S Morgan silver dollar: 21,695,000, $20–$30+  

What Is A 1921 Silver Dollar Worth?

You may question if there are very rare 1921 silver dollars worth more than the values stated above. 

Are There Any Rare 1921 Silver Dollars?

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