How Much Are Draped Bust Large Cents (1793-1796) Worth Today?

But when it comes to the valuations of Draped Bust pennies, there are a lot of moving parts.

Series fans or those collecting all Draped Bust large cents will appreciate these changes.

The History Of Draped Bust Large Cent

Many Draped Bust huge cent buyers may acquire one for a larger US coin collection.

Collecting Draped Bust Large Cent

In coin collecting, variants are rare, with only a few dozen to a few hundred surviving. 

Draped Bust Large Cent Value

In the list of Draped Bust penny values above, 1799 and 1804 stand out as valuable.

What Is The Most Valuable Draped Bust Large Cent?

The 1804 Draped Bust huge cent, another key-date coin, is rare and only a few are known today.

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