Most Valuable Dimes: A List Of Silver Dimes & Other Old Dimes You Should Hold Onto!

Old dimes can be valued many times their face value, and some are worth more than 10 cents. few Roosevelt dimes!  

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What Are The Most Valuable Dimes, Generally?

Alright, let's move on to the most valuable US dimes by year.  

What Are The Most Valuable Dimes, Specifically?

The most common are worthless. Most well-worn, common-date Barber dimes are worth $3–5, less if cleaned or damaged.  

Valuable Barber Silver Dime

Similar to Barber dimes, antique Mercury silver dimes are incredibly hard to locate in circulation these days.  

Valuable Mercury Silver Dime

In 1946, one year after Franklin Delano Roosevelt died, the Roosevelt dime was introduced.  

Valuable Roosevelt Dime

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