Ridiculously Amazing Asian Ramen Salad Recipe

This Asian ramen salad will be devoured by guests. Bring this fast dish to every gathering—everyone will ask for the recipe!  

– 16 oz. coleslaw mix – 1 cup sunflower seeds (de-shelled/shelled/no shells) – 1 cup sliced almonds (Diamond of California) – 3 oz. ramen (bags, *, any flavor, you won't be using the seasoning packets so it doesn't matter) – 5 stalks scallions (sliced) – 3/4 cup vegetable oil – 1/3 cup white vinegar – 1/2 cup granulated sugar


Combine coleslaw mix, sunflower seeds, almonds, crumbled ramen, and scallions in a large bowl.  


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To a large measuring cup, add vegetable oil, vinegar, and sugar.   

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Mixing. Avoid worrying if the sugar doesn't dissolve entirely.  

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Add oil mixture to coleslaw mix and stir with a large spatula until coated.  

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Cover bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 2 hours. Serve cold or room temp.  

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