See Why 2023 Nickels Are Worth Collecting (All 2023 Nickel Values)

Washington quarters and Lincoln pennies appear to attract more attention than Jefferson nickels, for some reason.  

You might notice that a 2023 Jefferson nickel differs slightly in appearance from older ones you may remember from earlier years.  

Is The 2023 Nickel A Valuable Coin?

You can safely spend worn 2023 nickels. Most 2023 nickels are worth only 5 cents.  

How Much Is A 2023 Nickel Worth Today?

The 2023-S proof nickels were produced in tens of thousands. But each is worth $3–5.  

What About 2023 Proof Nickels?

If you find an uncommon 2023 nickel, it may be a valuable error or variant. The key term is “chance.”  

A List Of 2023 Nickel Errors To Look For

2023 Off-Center Nickel 2023 Clipped Planchet Nickel 2023 Doubled Die Nickel 

These 2023 error nickels in your pocket change today 

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