The 2009 Nickel Is Rare & Valuable… Here’s Why! (Everything You Need To Know About 2009 Nickel Values)

A 2006 auction offered the most valuable 2000-S cent, a Professional Coin Grading Service Proof-70 Deep Cameo for $374.

As expected, recessions reduce spending. This may reduce coin demand.

The Story Behind 2009 Nickel

Yes, 2009-P and 2009-D nickels are worth slightly more than comparable pieces from other years.

2009 Nickel Value

A 2023 auction offered the highest expensive 2009-P nickel, Mint State-69 with Full Steps detailing, for $395.

2009-P Nickel Value

Mint State-66 with Full Steps features is the most valuable 2009-D nickel. It sold for $295 in 2023.

2009-D Nickel Value

Graded Proof-70 Deep Cameo, the most valuable 2009-S nickel sold for $140 in 2022.

2009-S Nickel Value

Why Is One 2000 Nickel Worth More Than $20,000? 

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