What You Need to Know Before Your First Brazilian Wax 

What is a Brazilian wax 

Your partner is crucial to the IVF cycle, even though he may not do the most. The most significant sperm sample of his life will be given soon. 

How is this different from a bikini line wax or bikini full wax

Hair on the sides of the bikini (or knickers) line and between the belly button and pubic bone is usually removed by basic bikini line waxes. 

How to prepare before your appointment 

Check in with yourself before the appointment to make sure you’re ready. 

What happens during the appointment 

With how much hair you want to remove, your first appointment may take 30 minutes to an hour. 

Brazilian wax benefits 

Outside of a smoother bikini region, waxing is a form of deep exfoliation. 

Brazilian wax risks 

As with any other form of hair removal, waxing has some potential side effects.

Frequently asked questions 

Wondering if getting a Brazilian is right? Your situation determines a few factors. 

Is getting a Brazilian wax awkward

The estheticians who provide Brazilian waxes are professionals, which means they’ve probably seen it all.  

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